What’s A Hot Spot Not?

My daughter is now a whole 1 year old! I can’t imagine life without the little monkey and I struggle to remember what I ever did with my time before she crash, bang, walloped into my life! Isn’t it strange how you can have the most amazing and most upsetting time of your life all […]

I Feel Wonderful ☑

So I was done with this blogging malarkey. But, after recent events I thought it was only fair I did another update. My husband has taken a lot of flack for pulling out of a move to Perth this summer. As predicted, the media and social networks went in to overdrive meaning that the trolls […]

HG Awareness Day 2013

Today is HG Awareness Day 2013. The more awareness that can be raised about this horrible condition, the better treatment women can receive. It amazes me that some women are still refused any kind of help and their pregnancy does not have the happy ending that every women hopes for. Please take a minute to […]

A wee update…

So, my daughter is now over 6 months old. I spent most of last year wishing I could press fast forward and now I want time to slow down. Elle has 2 teeth, she laughs all the time, she is rolling over, she has tantrums (she obviously takes after her father 😳)…she is amazing. If […]