Over & Out

This is just a short blog of what felt like a never ending 9 months. My heart goes out to anyone suffering from a condition or illness without an end date. I may have felt like I was going to die, but my due date also became my HG free date. 27th September 2012, my […]

Bambi on Ice

After Elle was born the hospital agreed to look after her and I went on a fortnights holiday to the Bahamas to recover from a tough 9 months. Then I woke up! The day after I had my daughter the midwife tried to get me up and moving about. She put a seat in the […]

Effing Paracetamol?!

I thought I’d be pregnant/sick forever or at least 2 years, as long as an elephant. The closer I got to my due date I realised that my baby now had to head towards the exit 😳. I didn’t need a big hospital bag, just 2 trusty friends I liked to call prednisolone and ondansetron! […]

Man v Food

Strangely enough, for someone who couldn’t eat or drink much I became addicted to watching food programmes, especially Man v Food. For anyone who hasn’t seen this programme it’s worth a watch. The guy is a heart attack waiting to happen. At the time I was sure that when I was well I’d be able […]