What’s A Hot Spot Not?

My daughter is now a whole 1 year old! I can’t imagine life without the little monkey and I struggle to remember what I ever did with my time before she crash, bang, walloped into my life!

Isn’t it strange how you can have the most amazing and most upsetting time of your life all at once. I struggled big time with HG during my pregnancy and thought I’d never go through anything so difficult again. Then PND paid me a visit. I had a wonderful family and beautiful little girl so WHY did I feel like I couldn’t cope? Looking back now I still don’t know why I felt like that. I had absolutely no control over it. I wouldn’t say I’m quite 100% but I’m not far off it. Simple things (well, as simple as anything can be with an active 1 year old!) like walking the dog and meeting friends, which I now do on a regular basis, at that time seemed absolutely impossible and could only be done by a Supermum with magic powers. I think I still have a bit to go but things are easier and I don’t recognise that person from a few months back.

When I was writing this I stuck “post natal depression” in to google. It amused me to see the following come up as one of the links: http://www.parents.com/parents/quiz.jsp?quizId=/templatedata/ab/quiz/data/80.xml

At the end you even get the option to take the quiz again! A QUIZ? 😳. I can see it now, Michael Barrymore will make his big tv return in a new gameshow called “Down in the Dumps”. If you win you will get a certificate saying you do not have PND and sent off with a new fridge freezer and a week in the Maldives. If you lose then you will obviously have PND and will be covered in gunge πŸ™ˆ. What’s a hot spot not…? 😜

So, it’s not all doom and gloom. My daughters 1st year has been a whirlwind. Or more to the point SHE is a whirlwind! She resembles a wind up toy where from the minute she wakes up she goes and goes and goes until she burns herself out. She obviously gets her energy (and her temper!) from her father.

It’s a cliche when people tell you nothing can prepare you for having a child, but it’s true! What have I learned in my 1st year of being a mum? Come this way…..

Babies will fight sleep to the bitter end. They will regret this when they are older. I will make sure my daughter regrets it when she’s older! Long gone are the days of long lies, long long gone. My daughter is a very early riser and if she sleeps past 7am this is now classed as a long lie! When she is a grumpy teenager wanting to stay in bed all day I will remind her of my early morning wake up calls.

Awful and annoying cartoons like In The Night Garden are even more annoying when you have a child. However, if it’s the only thing that will keep a grumpy child from moaning then you’ll be happy to have it on Sky+!

When babies start talking they pick up the most random phrases! It doesn’t matter how many hours you sit staring at your child saying “MUM” or “DAD”, they, or Elle, will shout “Bye Pal” to her Dad when he leaves for work! This is what we say to our dog πŸ™ˆ.

Eating out now revolves around which restaurants are ‘baby friendly’. Is there something on the menu baby can eat? Do they have baby changing facilities? Even if the food is awful as long as it’s child friendly then it’s classed as a meal out!

Golden Hour. Yes, this is when baby has gone to bed. But it’s not when we sit down, put out feet up and relax. My child ALWAYS wakes up within an hour of going to bed. So we know when she drifts off into a dreamy sleep we have 1 hour to have some dinner, do the dishes, make any phone calls and tidy up!

When Elle is being a madam and touching things she shouldn’t (we recently caught her eating the dogs dry food and also ‘playing’ with her Grandad’s golf clubs πŸ™ˆ) my mother refers to it as ‘exploring’. Exploring? I’m pretty sure when my sister and i were little and we accidentally broke the head off of her favourite ornament, then attempted to superglue it back on but got superglue all over the wooden tv unit she didn’t shout “it’s ok girls, you’re just exploring”. Or when I was 3 years old, and my sister told me to jump off of the step ladder and she’d catch me, except when I jumped she stepped to the side and I fell and broke my leg, I doubt my mum said “not to worry, a broken leg is when happens when you’re exploring”.

On a non child note, I have a whole new found love for food! My favourite haunts in Inverness, Rocpool and The Dores Inn, are now even more tasty now that I can eat a meal without the worry of it coming back up later! I’ve always had a sweet tooth, ok an entire sweet set of gnashers 😳. Being pregnant i seemed to hate all food but sweet things made me even worse (to my horror!). So if you see me with more jolly cheeks than usual thank my good friends Ben & Jerry.

If you think you might be suffering from PND please talk to someone. I found my dog a good starting point! Half the battle is admitting that something isn’t quite right. The big danger is ignoring the issue and thinking it will just go away. You’re GP is there to help so don’t be scared to make an appointment and go along for a chat.








One thought on “What’s A Hot Spot Not?

  1. Love your blogs, they make me cry and laugh, every family will have at least one thing in this blog that when they read it will be reminded of a time in their life when children decided where, when and what you eat. Enjoy your time with the family before you know it they will be off to university like my oldest this summer, I feel like I’m missing a limb x

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