A wee update…

So, my daughter is now over 6 months old. I spent most of last year wishing I could press fast forward and now I want time to slow down. Elle has 2 teeth, she laughs all the time, she is rolling over, she has tantrums (she obviously takes after her father 😳)…she is amazing. If anyone had told me this time last year that when Elle arrived I’d go through HG all again for her I’d have told them to take a short run off a very high cliff! But I would, I’d go through it everyday for her. I am still in contact with my twitter #HGcrew and it’s brilliant being able to watch their babies grow up.

I am now a volunteer with Pregnancy Sickness Support UK – http://www.pregnancysicknesssupport.org.uk/. This charity was an amazing support to me during my pregnancy. If you are suffering, or know someone who is suffering, then please direct them to PSS. Likewise, if you have experienced severe sickness during pregnancy and think that you could offer support to others, why not visit the PSS site and fill out a volunteer application form? 👍

I can’t sign off without mentioning a LOVELY LOVELY lady…Emma Gallie. I’ve never met this lady, but reading my blog has encouraged her to raise money for PSS. How unbelievably thoughtful!!!! Visit her fundraising page at


Go on….stick a £1 on her! My Grand National name for her is Generous Stranger 😜.




2 thoughts on “A wee update…

  1. I Am 11Weeks In and am on bed rest and temp diability at work. i am having a really hard time with HG. i am hoping it does go away but from what ive heard my hope is running a bit thin. if anyone has any advice i will gladly listen.
    thank you,

    • Hi Dana. So sorry to hear you are suffering. Have you looked at the Pregnancy Sickness Support website? Lots of great advice there to start. If you fill in a support request form via the website you can also get support from one of the PSS volunteers in the area nearest to you. That’s what I did and found it a massive help xxx

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