The word ‘ginger’ is banned in my house

So, 2012 taught me the following:

– I am allergic to being pregnant. It’s a
bloody serious allergy!

– I am not a good advert for pregnancy.

– I never knew it was possible to get so
ill from being pregnant. I’d heard
about morning sickness, but like most
women believed that it would
completely disappear by 12 weeks.
Boy was I wrong!

– Pregnancy is longer than 9 months!

– A bag of IV fluids a day keeps the
dehydration away!

– Ginger does NOT cure HG. From
what some Dr’s and nurses say you’d
think ginger would create world
peace. It will not!

– The above also applies to crackers.

– HG is NOT morning sickness, it is all
day and all night sickness. It is a
serious, debilitating condition.

– When your baby starts to move it is a
little bit like the scene from Alien
(minus the baby bursting out of your
stomach with a full set of gnashers
and wanting to kill you). In a nice way

– It still amazes me the difference in
treatment for women suffering from
HG from city to city/country to
country. When I eventually got
something that helped it was never a
problem to get it from my GP. Some
women are just refused medication
point blank 😳.

– I will never eat another bag of Quavers
ever again.

– Family and friends are the only
‘religion’ you need. 20130215-185314.jpg20130215-185325.jpg20130215-185427.jpg


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