My Big Fat Gypsy Bridesmaid!

For some reason the God of all things weddingy decided to punish me last year by giving me 4 to attend, 2 of which I had a starring role as bridesmaid 😳. I have never been invited to 4 weddings in one year but lucky me, I got 3 in a row (1st 3 weekends in June), then the last one was August….all with HG.

At the 1st 3 weddings I was 6 months pregnant. Wedding number 1 was the nuptials of Mr and Mrs Gardyne in Glasgow. Beautiful bride, beautiful venue, beautiful day. At this stage I was heavily addicted to Quavers and had a multipack in the boot of the car 😄. I had hoped to see a 3 course wedding meal of Quavers, Quavers, finished off with a dessert of Quavers but no such luck. I decided to get through the day I’d have to double my doses of steroids and ondansetron (self medication not recommended!). My make up looked like I’d mixed it up in a cement mixer and put it on with a trowel. I had to hide the peeley wallyness somehow! I made it to 10pm (practically the middle of the night to me!) then waved the white flag, got in to a taxi and headed back to the hotel. One down, 3 to go.

Wedding number 2 was the nuptials of Mr and Mrs Boyd in Bathgate. Beautiful bride, beautiful venue, very rainy day. Again I doubled my doses of medication and again there were no Quavers on the wedding meal menu 👎. I made it to 9pm.

Wedding number 3 was the biggie…my sister’s wedding – the nuptials of Mr and Mrs Hislop in Inverness. This I HAD to be ok for. Two days beforehand I was sick as a dog. My sister came to my house and commented how pale I was and that I didn’t look well at all. I told her I’d be fine (whilst completely panicking inside that I wouldn’t be). The day came, STUNNING bride, STUNNING venue, STUNNING day (with some showers!). My medication was doubled again and I made husband carry it in his suit pocket just incase I needed a top up. I also made him carry Bourbons in a freezer bag!!

It was really warm during the ceremony. Heat, having to smile AND HG don’t mix. I think you can tell from the wonderful photo below that I wasn’t feeling my best at that point!! I made it to midnight, a personal best! Most importantly my sister had a brilliant day and she looked absolutely beautiful. I would have been devastated to miss out on her big day.

Wedding number 4 came a few weeks later. The nuptials of Mr and Mrs Innes in Easter Kinkell. Beautiful bride, beautiful venue, beautiful day. Bridesmaid duties take two. Medication yet again doubled. At this stage I was 8 months pregnant and along with HG, had the general uncomfyness of the later stages of pregnancy. My dress was a gorgeous strapless, floor length dusky pink number. Gorgeous that is if it wasn’t for the fact I was 8 months pregnant and looked very much like a flump.

I made it to 10pm. I had to undo my dress in the car on the way home. Heat + HG + 8 months pregnant = your dress starts to attack you.

Wedding season 2012…..DONE!!!






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