Man v Food

Strangely enough, for someone who couldn’t eat or drink much I became addicted to watching food programmes, especially Man v Food. For anyone who hasn’t seen this programme it’s worth a watch. The guy is a heart attack waiting to happen.

At the time I was sure that when I was well I’d be able to eat those ridiculously oversized portions. I’d treat myself to a trip to America and order a huge burger complete with Krispy Kreme doughnut 😳😳😷😷.

I also constantly watched music channels. Well two channels – 4Music and Viva (council telly in the bedroom you see!). I don’t remember overly listening to Rhianna but my daughter now strains her neck to see the tv if she comes on!

Songs I now HATE:

– David Guetta “Titanium”. This was
probably my vomiting theme tune. “I
to the bathroom**. I need to turn the
channel/switch off the radio now when
it comes on. I can’t listen to it.

– Anything by Flo Rida. All that
bouncing in the car action in his
videos made me queasy.

– Carley Rae Jepson “Call Me Maybe”.
“Hey I’m still sick now, and it’s just
crazy, so what’s the end date, and
where’s my baby?”.

But there are also a couple of songs I loved and listened to on repeat:

– Kelly Clarkson “What Doesn’t Kill You
Makes You Stronger”. After all those
steroids I’m thinking of competing in
World’s Strongest Woman

– Beyonce “Run The World (Girls)”. I
LOVE Beyonce. I have hilarious
images of the #HGCrew starring in
that video 😄😄😄😄.




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