In the early days of being pregnant/sick I fully believed that come 12 weeks I’d be fine. Spewing 24/7 would be a distant memory. So, I decided to book my husband and I a few days break to Barcelona for our 2nd wedding anniversary. The week before I sat in tears worrying that I’d be too ill to travel. But I was determined to go. It would be our last little trip together before Baby B arrived.

I was looking for travel insurance and to my complete amazement came across a policy that covered HG. I was petrified I’d end up having to be admitted to hospital when we were away and have to struggle with the language barrier…”spewey lewey, se?”. The Virgin Travel insurance policy stated: “In this policy ‘complications of pregnancy and childbirth’ will include the following…Hyperemesis Gravidarum (excessive vomiting as a result of
pregnancy)”. Woo hoo, for the grand old price of £22 I was covered. Bargain.

Most of our 3 day trip was spent in the hotel room…and not in a good way! I slept a lot. I don’t feature in any nice photos, well apart from my feet! I was over 5 months pregnant when we went to Barcelona. I thought I was finally starting to show. Now when I look at the one and only full front on photo of me I laugh as it looks like I’ve just had a big dinner, and my face is still quite blown from all the IV fluids.






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