Today’s Special is Potato!

Rather than having to be constantly admitted my husband asked if I could attend hospital as an out patient a few times a week to get IV fluids. They said no as it wasn’t protocol 👎. So, week 16 came and I was admitted for the 6th time. I quite literally thought I was going to die if someone didn’t help me. I was whisked to the ward in a wheelchair.

It was the usual routine: have a line put in, be pumped with fluids, be taken off the fluids and given tablets, throw the tablets back up, select a range of potato dishes from the potato themed hospital menu just to amuse myself (even though I couldn’t eat any of it – although I did manage the ice cream, I always managed the ice cream), try to pee every morning etc etc!

Then….FINALLY, I saw a Consultant who had previously treated women with HG. HALLELUJAH! She started me on a course of steroids. To begin with I had to take 40mg a day. They gave me this in the form of EIGHT 5mg tablets. I couldn’t sip water yet they gave me EIGHT tablets to take…with water 😮. The side effects can be quite strong with steroids and on such a high dose the headaches were horrific. So horrific they made me feel even more sick!

After a few days I was able to eat and drink a little without it coming back up. I still felt terrible, and most days couldn’t get out of bed, but at least I was starting to get some kind of nutrition in me (even if it was in the form of Quavers crisps, Bourbons and Custard Creams!).

I was to reduce the steroid dose by 5mg each week until I eventually stopped them and would be cured. Not so! Whenever I went below 10mg it was like I’d gone back to week 5. The change overnight was unbelievable. So, I was left on a concoction of 10mg steroids daily, along with one Ondansetron tablet at night (Ondansetron is usually given to chemo patients). I still don’t think the Ondansetron did anything but I was too scared not to take it! I was still popping my steroids when I was in labour!

My father in law joked that when my baby was finally born she would be banned from taking part in any sporting events! Baby Popeye!






2 thoughts on “Today’s Special is Potato!

  1. To be fair the hospital meal doesn’t look at all appetising even without suffering HG! Lucky to have had two easy pregnancies, hope you are now enjoying the lovely ‘end result’ – mini Brittain!

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