The Golden Arches can’t make everything better!

Being hungover is the worst feeling in the world. You wretch and throw up all day (if your hangovers are anything like mine!), can’t keep food or even water down, can’t sleep, and just generally want to crawl under a rock and die. My hangovers, at their worst, can last a couple of days. At this stage I am NEVER drinking again.

Then….you have the best sleep ever and wake up feeling like your throat has been cut. Nothing will fix it other than a Maccy D’s. Hooray…. Im cured and ready to do it all over again this weekend! What? I said I was never drinking again? No I didn’t…….

If only my pregnancy could have been like a hangover. Feel like death for a day or two then a visit to the Golden Arches and all is well again. Trust me, a hangover is a walk in the park compared to someone who suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum. It’s like the feeling like death part of a hangover, except it doesn’t disappear after a day or two, a visit to the Maccy D’s doesn’t cure it and you definitely don’t want to do it all over again!



2 thoughts on “The Golden Arches can’t make everything better!

  1. Hi Diane !
    Great blog. If only maccys made it better wed all be mahoosive here’s. thought ….
    Have you tried ginger mwah ha ha ha ha ( evil laugh as swishes cape of darkness) x

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