Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time in January 2012 a girl found out she was pregnant. Then she was sick forever more. The End!

I suppose I should start at the beginning. I left work one Friday at the end of January 2012 with really bad indigestion. Or at least I thought it was indigestion. The following day my husband and I discovered I was pregnant. We were delighted. On the Sunday evening I went to bed early as I was really tired. I woke about 10pm with excruciating pains in my stomach. I headed for the bathroom expecting to be bleeding. I bent down and reached out to hold on to the toilet pan to be sick. That’s all I remember.

Apparently en route to hughey I passed out and hit my head off the toilet pan. My husband picked me up and carried me to the bedroom (he later informed me that he also smacked my head off the bedroom door in transit! Who says romance is dead?!). He had called 999 and I remember a strange woman standing over me in my bedroom asking if I was ok. Lying passed out in my Xmas Primark PJ’s wasn’t quite how I imagined my arrival at the pearly gates but luckily I wasn’t dead and the strange figure was the paramedic!

I was taken to the hospital via ambulance (no nee naws though 👎) and there they confirmed that I was indeed up the duff! I had very low blood sugar so was made to drink a bottle of Lucozade in front of the nurse – yuk. A lovely young nurse came in to do my checks etc. She kept staring at my pj’s so I felt I had to say something to break the silence. “They were a Xmas present” I said. “I have the same ones” she said. A&E banter there.

I was only about 5 weeks pregnant at this point so far too early to have a scan. Nobody could say what caused the pain or what caused me to collapse but there was a suspicion the pregnancy could be eptopic. I was told to go and see my GP during the week. That week I had blood tests every second day and from my blood count they could tell that the pregnancy was progressing as it should. It was a Registrar I saw that week and I avoided him as much as possible for the rest of my pregnancy. I couldn’t pronounce his name but referred to him as Dr Hello Kitty as it sounded similar (in my head!).
The further I got in to my pregnancy and the sicker I got, he suggested that I was so upset because I didn’t have a good enough support network around me!!!!!!!!! I was upset because I was throwing up 24/7 Dr Hello Kitty you twat.

Anyway, the week after I collapsed HG set in……with a bang.



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